The Pantry, Hot Chocolate Flakes
hot chocolate flakes
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The Pantry, Hot Chocolate Flakes

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The Chocolate.

A delicious & luxurious hot chocolate range, made using flakes of chocolate from single-origin cocoa beans. The result is a richer, smoother & more indulgent experience. Available in creamy white, comforting milk & punchy dark.


The Taste.


Venezuelan Milk - A richer milk chocolate with the distinctive accent of hazelnut, caramel & vanilla. Made from Crillo & Trinitario cocoa beans from Venezuela. This region is renowned for producing chocolate with richer more intense flavours.
Colombian White - A divine white chocolate distinguished by its natural colour & creamy flavour notes. Made entirely from Fino de Aroma beans, this is one of the most exceptional white chocolates around.
Sugar Free Dark - Perfect for an indulgent treat without the sugar. A high cocoa content delivers a surprisingly gentle flavour distinguished by soft & subtle aromas.


The Info.


Giving you the freshest taste possible, we now weigh out your flakes direct from our stock once your order has been placed - supplied in a heat sealed bag. Please feel free to bring in your own storage jar as a refill option, helping towards a packaging-free planet - we'll give you a discount for helping out!