Brazil Single Origin Coffee. Hand roasted in England.

Brazil Single Origin Coffee, Saõ Lucas Region

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The Coffee.

Single Origin Speciality Brazilian Coffee. Hand Roasted in England. Sustainable coffee beans, ethically sourced direct from the farms. 

With natural ingredients, no added sugar & no impurities. Crude Coffee delivers flavour in its purest "crudest" form.

The Taste.

Milk chocolate & praline with a smooth creamy body.

Ideal for Espresso

The Story.

Fazenda Sao Lucas is farmed by the sixth generation of coffee growers. Lucas Lancha de Oliveira opted to follow in his parents’ footsteps studying agriculture & becoming an agronomist. Lucas also served in the Brazilian armed forces. Lucas brought the dynamism of his military service & combined that with the knowledge gained from his studies which contributed greatly towards the unique chocolate, cocoa & milky qualities in his coffee, making it remarkable and distinct.

The geographical location of Sao Lucas Farm is blessed with an abundant supply of freshwater. It is situated in the region of Alta Mogiana, at an altitude of 1020 above sea level and has 50 hectares of preserved rainforest. It is UTZ and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Proof indeed that only the highest standards are deemed acceptable.