Land Chocolate Single Origin Guatemala Milk Chocolate

LAND Chocolate, 54% Guatemalan Milk

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The Chocolate

Award winning bean to bar chocolate made in Hackney, London.

LAND showcases the array of natural flavour you can find in the simple cocoa bean. The whole process - from roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching and wrapping of the bar – takes place under the same roof in East London.

LAND is a crowd-pleaser that will challenge the most discerning palates.

The Taste

Tasting Notes of Raisin, Honey, Caramel

A high-percentage (54%) Guatemalan milk chocolate brings together the luxurious characteristics of dark and milk chocolate into one delicious bar. Perfect for people who can't decide between milk or dark chocolate.

Contains Dairy - Ingredients: cocoa bean, organic cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter.

Full Size 60g Bar